Quran memorization

Quran memorization

Learn and memorize the Quran accurately with teachers from Al-Azhar University. Learn the meaning of the verses and the reasons behind revealing them. Quran Memorization focuses on completing the memorization of the Book of Allah in the shortest time with high accuracy and precision with scholars from Al-Azhar University who carry one or more Ijazah.


  • The program behind this course suits all learners. To help you memorize the Quran and retain the information as you progress, we will look into correct pronunciation, some Tajweed skills, and Quran meaning. Our method is to puzzle out everything you may not yet understand so that you fully realize what you’re memorizing.
  • This learning journey may be long or short, but we’ll adapt it to your abilities. Whether you can learn all surahs by heart with Saturday classes only or need to take 5 individual lessons per week, this course has no fixed schedule and can be adjusted for every student.
  • Here’s why AL-SAFA Academy’s tutors are best to rely on to proceed through Quran memorization online:
  • Al-Azhar University Graduates
  • Ijazah holders
  • Have extensive experience in multiple Islamic studies and courses
  • Can be joined for an online class 24/7
  • Are you not comfortable taking someone’s word for your Quran memorization journey? Get started with your first surah during a trial class and decide whether to stay with AL-SAFA Academy without being pressured into learning further.
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Some parts of our lecture with students

Some snapshots of our lecture with our dear students

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