Arabic Language

Arabic Language

The Arabic language is the primary key for reading, memorizing and understanding the noble Qur’an, Islamic sciences and Islamic studies. Therefore, every Muslim should learn the Arabic language. This course takes you or your kids from not being able to recognize the letters of the alphabet to advanced levels that study selected topics in grammar and literature.


  • With millions of Arabic speakers worldwide, the Arabic language is among the 10 most spoken ones. It’s paramount to study Arabic, whether for exploring the Holy Quran, traveling, or running a business in the Middle East. And there is no better way to do that than with AL-SAFA Academy.
  • This class opens the door to the vast and diverse Arab world. No matter how bewildering the Arabic language seems to you now, you’ll get through its nitty-gritty with our experienced tutors. They are native-like English speakers, so you won’t face a language barrier during your Arabic lessons.
  • As Arabic is in stark contrast to the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet, you may have trouble learning a single letter when starting from scratch. But things will fall into place with a certified teacher by your side.
  • Learn Arabic online for real-world situations
  • It’s never easy to sign up for a language course in a brick-and-mortar setting, to say nothing of studying with the best Arabic tutors while living in a non-Arab country. Fortunately, you can take this Arabic course online to achieve your educational goals without hassle. Based on your timeline and needs, you can take personalized around-the-clock lessons to make headway at your convenience.
  • This course is what you need to learn Arabic because it is: 
  • Suitable for learners with different backgrounds
  • Based on modern language learning standards, widespread in the Arab countries
  • Perfect for honing communication skills
  • Since the Arabic language is a fusion of traditions, ancient history, and various nations, the AL-SAFA Academy Arabic lessons go beyond casual phrases. You’ll learn common and uncommon interpretations to get the deeper meaning of the Holy Quran and brush up on the skills necessary for communication with native speakers.
  • Start your trial lesson to see how easy Arabic can be!
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