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Iconic Learn is an academy for students who wish to memorize the Holy Quran and learn the Arabic language
We embody a noble and important vision in the world of education and science. Our ultimate slogan, “We never turn away a student,” reflects our firm commitment to providing the best possible educational quality. By this, we mean that we receive and support every student with enthusiasm and interest, and we work hard to provide the necessary support and assistance to ensure the achievement of their educational goals. We are keen to provide a stimulating learning environment and experienced teachers who care about presenting lessons in a simple and effective manner.

We strive to build a distinguished generation of memorizers of the Holy Qur’an and masters of the Arabic language, through our deep belief in the values ​​of morals and education. We focus on providing a stimulating learning environment that enhances students' uniqueness and develops their skills in a loving and caring manner.

Our work is not just providing lessons and lectures, but rather an educational journey that carries the values ​​of commitment and dedication, and focuses on providing knowledge and understanding in a manner that is easy to understand and comprehend. The academy aims to encourage students to research and be independent in acquiring knowledge, in order to achieve a spirit of excellence and appreciation for their hard work.

our Vision

We aspire to achieve a noble vision aimed at instilling values of education and ethics in our society, through the provision of distinctive and high-quality education for Quran memorizers and Arabic language learners. We aim to be a well-known and trusted reference in this field.

Our Objectives:
1. Quran Memorization: We strive to empower students to memorize the Quran correctly and recite it with excellence.

2. Arabic Language Education: We aim to enhance proper understanding and comprehension of the Arabic language, including reading texts and understanding grammar and morphology.

3. Values and Ethics: We are committed to promoting values of commitment, dedication, and noble Islamic ethics in the hearts of students.

4. Student Guidance and Support: We provide continuous support and guidance to students, assisting them in achieving their educational and spiritual goals.

5. Stimulating Learning Environment: We seek to provide a learning environment that encourages learning, enhances students’ uniqueness, and develops their skills.

We believe that knowledge and education are key to progress and development in society. We work earnestly to achieve these objectives by elevating the standard of education and learning and promoting values and ethics in the Islamic community.

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